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WHY Private yoga?

So you want to learn yoga but for whatever reason, you are not yet ready to go to a studio. I’ve heard from countless people that they would rather learn in their own space at their own pace. I completely understand this, I practice daily at home. Vibes are so important! That is why I am now offering private yoga. 

I first discovered yoga when I was 21 when a yoga studio opened in my home town Louisville Kentucky. At the time I was too intimidated to try. I was a gymnast in high school so I knew I was a bit flexible. But I never saw any men in the classes. It wasn’t until a accident in college where I did a back tuck and landed on my neck that I actually decided to give it a try. 

After speaking with my doctor, he recommended that I try yoga as a way to stretch and strengthen the paraspinal muscles that help you bend your spine, and the multifidus muscles that stabilize your vertebrae. I did and loved it! After a few practices, I was hooked. Yoga challenged me to move my body in ways I never knew I could. Yoga became a tool for me to calm my mind and focus my energy. 

This is why I choose to study yoga extensively abroad in Bali Indonesia at Sadhana Yoga School. Now I bring all that I learned to mat and help others develop a consistent yoga practice. 

Why You Should Do Yoga: 

  • makes you feel better - simple as that!
  • increases your flexibility
  • improves your strength
  • changes your energy
  • helps you to focus
  • reduces anxiety
  • helps you to be more mindful
  • soothes your skin
  • Hydrate Your Spine
  • boosts brain power
  • helps you to breathe better
  • helps you to stand up taller
  • helps to clear the toxins
  • helps you to express gratitude
  • improves your balance (in body and mind)
  • teaches you to know yourself
  • regulates your body clock
  • helps you to accept whatever life brings to your table

I believe that moving through a sequence of poses (in yoga we call them asanas) is one of the greatest ways to show self-love, stay flexible, and build strength.  


Curated Yoga Experiences

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